Platform Heavy Duty Aluminium Ladder

Platform Heavy Duty Aluminium Ladder

This heavy duty Aluminum ladder has a wide platform area. And this area makes it very easy standing on it and doing your chores. Some extra stabilizer bars are at the base, providing the ladder with little additional conformity. There are also guard railings that enhance security. The steps of this ladder are called riveted steps, as they are joined with rivets.

And the step area of this heavy duty Aluminum ladder is also extensive. This ladder is entirely constructed of Aluminum alloy. And it is compact and foldable. So, you can easily transport and store it. This heavy duty platform Aluminum ladder is perfect for stores, warehouses, factories, and site work. So, you can have it from PIVOT Saudi Arabia and make your life easier.


  •  It has a wide platform area.
  • You can easily stand on it to do your work.
  • Extra stabilizer bars at the base provide additional stability.
  • Guard railings enhance security.
  • Rivet steps are pretty comprehensive.
  • Construction is complete of Aluminum alloy.
  • It is also foldable and relatively compact.
  • Perfect to use at site work, factories, stores, and warehouses.
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