Fiber Glass(FRP) Ladder (Platform)

Fiber Glass(FRP) Ladder (Platform)

How ensure worker safety in industrial production or construction is becoming increasingly important. The traditional wood worktable rots easily and has a limited bearing capacity, posing a hidden risk to construction workers’ safety. The steel workbench conducts electricity easily, and its bearing capacity will be reduced after rusting. These will result in electric shock, falls, and other hazards for workers on the work platform.

FRP ladder platform by Pivot Boasts of multiple features:

  • It is efficient and strong, light in weight and easier to move.
  • It is high in strength and bearing capacity. 
  • Furthermore, it is non-conductive, corrosion resistant, and can be used repeatedly without deformation.

Hence, a lot of people prefer the FRP ladder platform.

FRP platforms are typically made of various FRP materials such as a square tube, round tube, channel steel, grating, kickplate, and so on. Workbenches are designed in various types and sizes to meet the needs of customers.

The FRP ladder platform and structures are widely used as platform structures due to their lightweight, high strength, and ease of installation.

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Safe Working Load: 130KG

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