Fiberglass(FRP) Extended Straight Ladder | Fibreglass ladder for Sale!

Fiberglass(FRP) Extended Straight Ladder | Fibreglass ladder for Sale!

Fiberglass is a strong and sturdy material because of its composition and is preferred over other types because of its eco-friendly nature.


    • The fiberglass (FRP) extended straight ladder by Pivot comes in various heights and extensions so that you may choose the optimum for your work.
    • They are highly efficient as you can adjust the size, and with extension rung locks, you can set a particular height for long-term usage. These lockers are manufactured with advanced polymers that increase their life and make them the best in the market. 

Currently, we are offering our Fiberglass ladder for Sale in all our stores across Saudi Arabia. The Fiber ladder price range starts from 349 SAR for 4 to 6 feet ladders. The Fibre ladder price goes up to 850 SAR for 14 to 16 feet ladders. At a discount Fibre ladder price, you can avail of 10% off on every fiberglass ladder for Sale till the end of July. So, order now and grab a fiberglass ladder for sale opportunity to buy a top-notch ladder. Only Pivot provides the best Fibre ladder price in KSA!

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Safe working load: 150KG

Technical Data (Dimensions in mm)


CodeNo Of StepsLengthABFolded Height
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