Fiber Glass(FRP)Double Side Folding Ladder

Fiber Glass(FRP)Double Side Folding Ladder

Are you looking for an affordable GRP ladder which also stands the time? Then your hunt is over here. We are offering a fiberglass double side folding ladder by Pivot. At this age, working has become hard for multiple reasons. We are not presenting solutions for every problem, but for problems like workplace injuries, often workers get an electric shock and many more. So, be a good supervisor and get your workers a fiberglass double side folding ladder. This is a folding ladder made of GRP. It is both safe for your pocket and your hard-working workers. Because of its folding ability, it is suitable for your home too.


  • This GRP ladder is a bad conductor of electricity, making it very secure in most workplaces and a favoured tool for the electrician!
  • This GRP ladder is fire-resistant.
  • It can survive varying weather conditions.
  • It is uniformly strong as it is completely man-made

The main reason to choose a fiberglass ladder is if you are likely to be working around electricity and want to keep safety as your priority.

Get your workers a fiberglass double-side GRP ladder by Pivot Today!

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Safe Working Load: 150KG

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