Qatar Region

Qatar Region

Providing you with unlimited quality supplies is what we do

We have entered the Qatar market and offer exciting products with much better performance, pricing, and efficiency. With the tireless and continuous effort of all team members, we provide aluminium scaffolding and mobile scaffolding, a step ladder and a type ladder that perform much better with additional safety than our direct competitors.

Step Ladder and A Type ladder

Step ladder and A type ladder are our best-selling products and fulfil different purposes.

Step Ladder

Our step ladder is designed in various extensions and step ladder heights. Our step ladder is highly compact. You can adjust the step ladder to any size. You can set a particular height of the step ladder for long-term usage with extension rung locks on the step ladder. These lockers on the step ladder are made with advanced graded alloys and composites materials that increase the step ladder work life and make our step ladder the best in the market. 

A Type Ladder

Our multi-purpose A type ladder comes with additional extensions and accessories boxes so that you may work without any hassle and delays. The A type ladder is ideal for painting roofs at houses, setting shelves at offices, and managing multiple-story warehouses. Our A type ladder can easily balance the loads on both sides, allowing two people to work simultaneously. However, please go through the manual guide to check the A type ladder weight rating to ensure your workspace safety. 

The A type ladder has a corrosion-resistant design. Our a type ladder provides additional support and safety. You get a better grip and protection while working with the A type ladder plastic top anti-skid design. You can easily balance and adjust properly on the A type ladder, with long and wide steps. These wide steps have an anti-skid pattern on A type ladder to minimize any chances of slipping. 

Mobile Scaffolding

Our next product is Mobile Scaffolding. Our Mobile Scaffolding is designed with the contemporary safety standard. Our Mobile Scaffolding is the most feasible choice for efficiently carrying out high-altitude construction work. You can adjust the Mobile Scaffolding to any particular height because these mobile scaffolding are highly customization and adaptable. The Mobile Scaffolding is built with graded frame steel and aluminium alloys with proper surface finishing. Mobile scaffolding from PIVOT can be used to carry paint brushes and tools in their accessory boxes for better management.

Mobile scaffolding is equipped with a high-resistance swivel wheel caster. This prevents any slippage and mishaps with Mobile Scaffolding. The problem with other scaffolding is that they are difficult to balance on uneven surfaces. You will need someone to support you hold them tight. We have addressed this issue in PIVOT Mobile Scaffolding so that you can use our Mobile Scaffolding on any rough surface.

Our next ladder type is Aluminum scaffolding built with aircraft-grade aluminium alloys. These aluminium scaffolding have multiple benefits at an affordable price. PIVOT aluminium scaffolding can be used for any construction or renovation job around your home and on work sites. These aluminium scaffolding are incredibly lightweight, so you can move them quickly to your roof or balcony. 

Aluminium scaffolding is widely used during the construction of civil structures such as factories, large stadiums, convention and exhibition centres, billboards, and shopping malls. PIVOT Aluminum scaffolding is available in a standard or modified design. The aluminium scaffolding makes it easy to transport and reduces the burden on construction sites. The aluminium scaffolding is easy to use and extremely safe for high-altitude operations.

High-strength aluminium alloys are used to build our aluminium scaffolding. It increases the aluminium scaffolding load capacity and durability. The aluminium scaffolding can be used at multiple locations and come with accessories that allow them to transport their items. It is truly a multi-purpose product. It is worth comparing aluminium scaffolding to local ones. The high duty rating makes our aluminium scaffolding more cost-effective, 40% more efficient, and saves a lot of money and time.

Now, you can purchase a much more advanced, highly safe, and efficient Mobile Scaffolding, a type ladder or step ladder, at an affordable price. PIVOT believes in its fair usage and business policies, and we are offering these ladders at the market-evaluated price.

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