About Us

About Us

PIVOT Point Trading Est. is the leading and fastest growing company in the gulf regions. Our headquarters and basic units are established in Saudi Arabia. Currently, we are manufacturing and designing Aluminum scaffoldings and Ladders as there is a growing demand for these products. From day one, we are a customer-oriented company that believes in solving users’ problems economically and efficiently. PIVOT has always focused on innovation to reduce costs while maintaining international standards. Due to our striving commitment toward our customers’ safety, TUV SUD, the best and a world-renowned product testing lab, has certified all our products. 

Our leaders, teams, and engineers have done extraordinary work to present the best scaffolding and ladder that fulfils all your purposes. Each product has different categories that align with your particular needs. For instance, if you want to clean your roof ceiling face, then an A-frame ladder is the perfect match because of its anti-slip design and high portability. Similarly, each product matches the users’ requirements to the most satisfactory level making us the most optimum choice in the market. We have a customer support team at your service that listens to your queries and helps you opt for the best product. PIVOT customers are its most valuable asset, and the quality assurance department is always focused on the voice of customers.

Due to our user-centred product manufacturing, PIVOT has become a demanding company in other countries as well. That’s why we decided to go global with our products and successfully launched them in Oman, Kuwait, and Qatar. It wasn’t an easy task because each market has its own expectations with any product, and local sellers have a strong presence in those markets. Despite that, PIVOT developed itself as an emerging company with tremendous customer loyalty and a high trust rating. All products are available in these regions, and we constantly take feedback from your customers to evaluate our products from your perspective.

PIVOT products are designed with auto-locking mechanisms and high-graded aluminium aircraft that ensure your customers’ safety and increase our products’ resilience and work-life. PIVOT has done an extensive search on its product design and contemporary design. We analyzed that companies offer products with additional functionalities yet compromise the essential elements of scaffolding ladders. Our products can sustain the harsh climate of the region, thus making them ever-green products. All scaffolding and ladders are environment-friendly, and we have minimized the use of heavy metals and toxic paints. We are playing our part to preserve the Earth’s ecosystem by reusing alloys and other elements.  

PIVOT’s mission and motto are to be the go-to brand in the Gulf region that focuses entirely on offering high-end products to its consumers with almost safety and compliance with local and international standards. Our investors and stakeholders believe that good practices and culture build the core of any company, which is why PIVOT gives equal opportunities to grow without discrimination. The same mentality flows between our teams and leaders who work tirelessly to serve you with the best. 

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