Saudi Arabia Region

Saudi Arabia Region

Pivot is one of the leading Manufacturer and Supplier in Ksa

Scaffolding solutions and services are widely used for effective operations on-site, maintenance, security and performance. Our engineers at Pivot strive to provide the best scaffolding services across Saudi Arabia.
Pivot is leading aluminium scaffolding service provider that produces all kinds of aluminium ladders for commercial industries. Since scaffolding services are the one that you can’t afford to compromise, it’s always wise to choose a
partner who holds excellence and experience in this field. Here, at Pivot we offer services based on years of
knowledge, deep insights on the engineering industry and a thorough understanding.

Delivering Solid Performances to Build Long Lasting Relationships

With our technical team on the job, you can reap the benefits of getting services by the experts. Whether it’s
aluminium scaffolding, plank, single or double scaffolding, we can help you determine the best solutions that fit your
needs. Our vision is to deliver maximum value on every project to build a healthy relationship with our customers and
to expand quality scaffolding services across the globe.
Over the years Pivot has developed its identity for excelling in the scaffolding industry. Be it for portable ladder,
aluminium ladder, cable ladder or any other types of ladders, you can consult our team and get great value for money.

Our Values

Since you can find a lot of aluminium ladder manufacturers in Saudi Arabia but what makes us different are our values.
We started with the spirit to increase the efficiency of the operations. Our customers placed trust on us and now we
are a recognized company and best solution provider in the hour of the need. The ability to expand our operations and
to learn and grow with time make us deliver the right solution at the right time.
Each of our team members contributes to our success by overcoming the challenges and winning customers’ trust.
We deliver our services all over KSA including Medina, Jeddah, Riyadh, Dammam, Mecca, Taif and every other corner.
Safety is very important for all our products and equipment’s. We are TUV certified and manufacturing process and
assembling is under the standard of EN131 AND EN1004.

PIVOT Point is a mobile scaffolding and aluminium scaffolding ladder manufacturing company with high-end proficiency in aluminium scaffolding and mobile scaffolding, aluminium ladders, and safety ladder. We design our products by valuing our customers’ requirements and safety. Due to our top-notch ladder safety standards, we are tested and certified by TUV SUD, a world leader in product testing and certification. We have launched multiple ladder products, including mobile scaffolding, aluminium ladders, and safety ladder that fulfil your daily life needs. 

PIVOT- Aluminium scaffolding/ MobileScaffolding

Our advanced Mobile Scaffolding and aluminium scaffolding are designed with modern safety ladder standards, making aluminium scaffolding the perfect choice for carrying out renovation easily. These mobile scaffolding are super customizable, and you can adjust them easily. Our aluminium scaffolding is designed with rugged frame steel with proper finishing. We assure you that you will find no such mobile scaffolding and aluminium scaffolding elsewhere. PIVOT mobile scaffolding can carry tools, brushes, and paint boxes in their accessories box. 

Our mobile scaffolding has a high resistive swivel caster which prevents any slipping chance.

In PIVOT mobile scaffolding, we can use our aluminium scaffolding on rough surfaces without hassle. 

Sometimes, mobile scaffolding is associated with injuries, and that’s why we ensure the security of our aluminium scaffolding. With successive Quality control and assurance, multiple testing procedures, a high-end gas welding process, and correct assembling, we have designed an aluminium scaffolding structure that minimizes liability. 

If you are looking for feasible and affordable aluminium scaffolding for your house, then the PIVOT mobile scaffolding is an absolute fit. Our aluminium scaffolding is resistant to all weather conditions, making them a great fit throughout the year. Additionally, our aluminium scaffolding combines affordability with brilliant quality and user-friendliness, allowing you to carry heavy loads efficiently.

Our mobile scaffolding is available in various stores in Saudi Arabia at economical prices with various aluminium scaffolding structures and functionality. Currently, the construction sector has seen a tremendous boom, and site engineers prefer those products that can be transported easily. PIVOT Aluminium mobile scaffolding is one such product as it is lightweight and not prone to all sorts of wear and tear due to heavy work. These mobile scaffolding are primarily designed for exterior projects because our aluminium scaffolding provides three sets of anti-slip platforms for multi-level working areas. Our aluminium scaffolding and mobile scaffolding can bear up to 1000 lbs of weight, thus an all-matching product for heavy-duty projects.  

PIVOT- Aluminium Ladders/ safety ladder

PIVOT’s stellar ladder product is the safety ladder or Aluminium Ladders, and it is rated ‘the best’ by TUV SUD because of its exuberant safety and complies with multiple international ISO standards. You might have seen various types of the ladder in the market, but we label our ladder as ‘A safety ladder’, and our customers have shown a tremendously good response to it. 

Our Aluminium ladders offer multiple functionalities at a reasonable price. This safety ladder is perfect for all construction and renovation tasks around the house and work sites. The ladder can be employed as a telescoping, twin step, and stairway step ladder with two scaffold bases. These aluminium ladders and the safety ladder is super lightweight, so you can quickly move around. 

Our aluminium ladders and our safety ladder provide additional support and safety with their corrosion-resistant design. With its plastic top anti-skid design, you get a better grip on the safety ladder and protection while performing risky tasks. You can easily balance and adjust the ladder long arch, ensuring safety with the aluminium ladders. PIVOT safety ladder has wide steps and an anti-skid pattern to prevent you from slipping. We have 4, 5, 6, and 7-step double aluminium ladders with accessories boxes so you can conveniently manage your work.

Our ladder design team has manufactured top-tier aluminium ladders while focusing on multiple aspects. Our aluminium ladders come with an extension box to handle your tools. You can use these safety-oriented aluminium ladders without fear because they have high load capacity and duty rating. Most of our aluminium ladders have an A-frame safety ladder design and can be looked at in a particular position with spreaders. Every safety ladder has an extended rail to support users and balance their weight shifts.   

There is more icing on the cake because we have added a non-marring safety ladder rail that is placed horizontally in the standoff position. Now, you can set up the safety ladder around windows, spanning a distance of up to 7 feet. The aluminium ladders meet all TUV SUD, local, and international standards. Lastly, our aluminium ladders and the safety ladder are rated to stand 250 kilograms and hold up to 150 kilograms on each side if used in the step ladder configuration. 

So, what is stopping you from acquiring these efficient aluminium ladders? Visit your nearby ladder store today. 

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