Aluminum Ladders & Scaffolding
We seek for the highest standards in the industry. That helps us not only stay ahead of the competition but to offer the best solutions for our clients.

Brand Voice:

Safety, durability, and quality are the top traits of Pivot Point Trading Est’s products. Our brand is certified by TÜV SÜD, which is the leader in product testing in the world. This certification makes us a reliable ladder provider and manufacturer of aluminium scaffolding towers and scaffold ladders. Our experience in the field makes innovation and designing a quick possibility for our customers.

From making temporary solutions for small-scale businesses to providing high-rising Aluminum scaffolding towers and scaffold ladders for mega projects, Pivot Point Trading has done it all. In short, our team of experts ensures the primary need for safety in every ladder product that hits the market under our label. We always calculated our prices by keeping in view the elements of care and ladder affordability. Our representatives are always available to cater to your queries.

International Presence:

With the enhancement of our customer base, we are growing as well. Not only in the Middle East, but Pivot Point Trading has established itself as a dependable ladder partner in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as well. Our ladder products (aluminium scaffolding towers and scaffold ladders) are available in some countries of the African continent too. You can visit our outlets in Kenya, Egypt, Nigeria, and many other countries.

What’s more? You can ask for a ladder quotation or make purchases of our aluminium scaffolding towers and scaffold ladders online too. Pivot Point Trading Est. has a growing social media. It not only helps our clients learn about our products like scaffold ladders but also assists you with your queries. Our representatives always respond to all the queries that hit our inbox, so feel free to contact us without any hesitation.

Top Notch Quality:

At Pivot Point Trading Est., high quality is the key to warrant the safety of our customers. This is why our company only deals in Aluminium since it is durable and easy to use. Compared to other materials like steel, Aluminium is a better option when it comes to the manufacturing of scaffold ladders. Aluminium alloy has more shelf-life. The cost may be more than that of steel, but aluminium scaffolding is a safer ladder choice.

Cities like Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam, Jubail, and other cities prefer to use aluminium scaffolding and aluminium scaffold ladders for construction. Pivot Point Trading is thus following the trends of the Western market to make sure that we adhere to manufacturing top-quality ladder products. Be it an A-type ladder or a stairway mobile scaffold ladders or towers, we have got you covered.

Robust Aluminium Scaffolding Manufacturing:

There are many kinds of materials used for scaffold ladder manufacturing. However, at Pivot point Trading Est., we believe that safety comes with the ladder durability that only Aluminium can bring into the equation. Not only aluminium scaffolding and scaffold ladders are more robust, and aluminium alloy is lighter in weight as compared to steel.

Likewise, aluminium scaffolding is more stable than fiberglass because, similar to wood, fiberglass has a risk of breaking. Aluminium scaffolding and scaffold ladders rarely crack. It makes the said alloy more hard-wearing and dependable when it comes to ensuring the safety of construction workers on a ladder. The only downside of using aluminium scaffolding may be a higher cost, but the material’s resilience makes it the primary choice in every situation.

We offer

At Pivot Point Trading Est. high quality is the key to warrant the safety of our customers. This is why our company only deals in Aluminium since it is durable and easy to use.

Areas We Serve

PIVOT Point is a mobile scaffolding and aluminium scaffolding ladder manufacturing company with high-end proficiency in aluminium scaffolding and mobile scaffolding, aluminium ladders.


Our ladder aluminium is user-oriented and provides multiple benefits to you. They come with different weight classes and work shelves so you can freely place your tools in them. 

Aluminum Scaffolding

The construction and building businesses are competitively diverse industries which are really essential for economic growth and development. 

We seek for the highest standards in the industry to offer the best solutions for our clients.

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