Aluminum Triple Extended Ladder

Aluminum Triple Extended Ladder

The Triple extension ladder is not only more advanced but also provides its users with a lot more advantages in comparison with other extension ladders.


  • The Triple extended ladder has wide square-shaped steps with an anti-slip foot feature so that the workers can do their job comfortably and securely. 
  • It also provides a flexible access solution. It consists of three ladders which can be retracted and closed very easily, making it very easily operable by just one person without any special equipment and training. It also means that the size of this triple extension ladder can become small, making it easier for storage and transportation. 
  • This triple extended ladder is suitable for the jobs that are supposed to be carried out at greater heights. 
  • This triple extension ladder is also very economical in comparison with the working height. 
  • It provides a strong grip and also has a hook tightening system that makes this triple extended ladder very safe to climb. 
  • It can bear around 100-150 kgs of weight. 

With its multitude of purposes like cleaning long buildings, painting, cutting large trees, etc., this Triple extension ladder is worth buying.

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Safe working load: 150KG

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