Aluminum Folding Multi-Purpose Ladder

Aluminum Folding Multi-Purpose Ladder

The heavy duty multi-purpose ladder is a multitask ladder and can perform a number of functions.


  • The multi-purpose scaffold ladder can be folded into a compact size to make transport easier.
  • The multitask ladder comes completely assembled.
  • Because the folding multi-purpose ladder is made of Aluminium, it is lightweight, making the multitask ladder easier to carry single-handedly.
  • The heavy duty multi-purpose ladder can be used by more than one person at the same time, making it a time-friendly purchase.
  • The multi-purpose scaffold ladder has multidirectional rungs that make it easier for the user to move.
  • The multitask ladder can be transformed into multiple shapes to be used for more than one job.
  • The folding multi-purpose ladder is provided with anti-slip foot straps to prevent the multi-purpose scaffold ladder from sliding off.
  • The heavy duty multi-purpose ladder can also perform the functions of step ladders, scaffolds, and aluminium folding ladders.
  • The multi-purpose scaffold ladder is useful for a variety of indoor and outdoor tasks, including window washing, interior design, decorating, and painting, making it an essential part of any household.

This folding multi-purpose ladder by PIVOT is a must buy product.

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