Kuwait Region

Kuwait Region

Top quality of aluminum scaffolding and ladders products

PIVOT Point Trading Est. has initiated its trading points and outlets across Kuwait as part of our regional expansion. The products satisfy and comply with Kuwaiti and international design, safety, and manufacturing standards. We have conducted multiple surveys in various parts of Kuwait to understand the perspective of consumers regarding Telescopic Ladder, step ladder, A type ladder and scaffolding. Our teams have made significant changes in the product to match the expectation of our new consumers. Here, we discuss these products and the benefits they offer over other competitors.

Telescopic Ladder

Our leading product is the telescopic ladder, which comes in various designs and load capacities. Users are advised to purchase Telescopic Ladder that matches their conditions and weight to avoid inconvenience. Our new and stylish Telescopic Ladder shorten and lengthen to resonate with your project needs. Once you have successfully completed a task, put the Telescopic Ladder at its minimum height for easy mobility and storage.

Telescopic Ladder: step ladder

The telescopic ladder has two categories: step ladder and A type ladder. Each type suits specific work conditions with different extensions and duty ratings. Our step ladder offers numerous benefits to users with versatility and innovation that were missing in Kuwait’s step ladder market. We have manufactured these step ladder with aircraft-grade aluminium alloy, which makes these step ladder super light in weight. This step ladder is easy to carry around at different locations. For extended safety, the telescopic ladder and step ladder are fitted with silicone pivot feet that cease any chance of slippage. This step ladder provides a proper grip to perform heavy-duty work. This step ladder is ideal for multiple uses.

A type ladder

Our A type ladder in the Telescopic Ladder category is designed to perform extremely high tasks with a house. A type ladder comes with additional height extensions making it a unique product. Because of the high risk involved, we have paid extra attention to our users’ safety with A type ladder. We have installed an intelligent locking system in the A type ladder that stabilizes the A type ladder in different positions so that you don’t have to adjust the A type ladder repeatedly. Because of the A type ladder sturdy and non-slip design, A type ladder is a highly recommended Telescopic Ladder if you clean your ceiling fans or paint the roof of your house.

Mobile Scaffolding

Our next product in Kuwait’s market is mobile scaffolding. We have added multiple functions to our mobile scaffolding to satisfy our customers in the best possible way. PIVOT mobile scaffolding is manufactured with high-grade corrosion-free chassis beams and stabilizers to ensure maximum stability and weight endurance. The parts of mobile scaffolding are made of high-quality Aluminium, thus light in weight and highly portable. Another competitive advantage PIVOT mobile scaffolding offers over its competitors is its construction-oriented and sophisticatedly balanced design. Furthermore, the scaffoldings can be quickly and effortlessly set up by one to two persons, and we have provided a manual guide in the local language to set it in no time. Furthermore, the mobile scaffolding can easily be moved from one location to another even when erected.

Our mobile scaffolding is present in different heights and configurations. Rest assured in terms of safety because they are tested and certified by TUV SUD and local standards. All mobile scaffolding is excellent and compatible with utilities for usual maintenance chores like wall painting and drywall installation. Our highest load capacity is 400 kilograms because of their design and heavy-duty nature. PIVOT scaffoldings can withstand indoor and outdoor construction duty loads while standing higher stress than competitors’ mobile scaffolding.

Our mobile scaffolding is compact enough to fit in all sorts of vehicles, and with an instant locking mechanism, you can install them at any facility without getting into trouble.

We are gaining users’ trust in this new market because of your research, user-oriented product, and compliance with all modern standards. Whether it is a telescopic ladder, step ladder, A type ladder or mobile scaffolding, all of our products speak for themself and prove PIVOT’s dedication and commitment to serving its customers in the best way possible.

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