Bahrain Region

Bahrain Region

Providing 100% Safety Satisfaction Through Our World-Class Manufacturing Process

It is a moment of joy for us that PIVOT is operational in Bahrain with its highly resilient, innovative, and user-friendly products like a step ladder, a type ladder and mobile scaffolding. Bahrain has seen a substantial rise in its construction industry over the years, and site managers always prefer products that can add value and safety to their work. Similarly, for domestic users, portability and compactness are two critical aspects that each ladder, be it a step ladder or a type ladder, should possess. Our products offer you tremendous and multiple benefits.

Mobile Scaffolding

PIVOT mobile scaffolding design stresses n quality to fabricate exceptional products. Our mobile scaffolding is built with top-notch graded aluminium alloys that increase their durability, and they can sustain heavy-duty loads. Due to extensive use over time, scaffolding tends to deform its structure because of the creep factor. However, with multiple elements of safety and structural balance, our mobile scaffolding can work for years without such issues. Moreover, all the mobile scaffolding is wear and tear proof, so you may use them in any condition. 

PIVOT mobile scaffolding can be used for a long span without rusting because the outer and inner surfaces are treated with electroplate galvanizing, which improves the corrosion resistance and prolongs the product life of the mobile scaffolding. Our mobile scaffolding is resistant to all weather conditions and climate changes, making them an all-purpose long-lasting product. Along with structural efficiencies, these mobile scaffolding are centred around users’ security and ease. You can install multiple extension boxes with them to manage your tools and machinery. With an auto-locking system, mobile scaffolding will instantly lock itself in a stable position. Plus, you do not have to fret about slippage because we have added a high resistive swivel caster in our mobile scaffolding, which prevents any mishap. 

Step ladder and A type Ladder

Our next product is a standard workplace ladder. These ladders come in different categories like step ladder and A type ladder. These are adjustable and compact so that you can use them equally in small and large rooms. You may opt for the most optimum one for your needs; if you are unable to pick one from either step ladder or A type ladder, call our customer care service, and we will handle the rest for you. 

The step ladder is available in different colourways and has an above-average weight capacity. The step ladder duty rating can withstand 150 kgs. This step ladder is foldable and occupies minimal space. Plus, you can place the step ladder in narrow spaces with their slim and sleek design. Our step ladder has wider steps and frictional rubber grips to provide additional support during high-altitude work like roof painting. You can also place your paint boxes and brushes on the step ladder. 

For your ease and advanced functionalities, we have introduced A type ladder. The A type ladder has many features for multitasking. We modified the design of the A type ladder by adding a sturdy locking mechanism with broad, deep threads. A type ladder has a 20-degree climb angle which is optimum for users with joints or back pain issues. We give a handy tool array to manage your working process in the A type ladder. 

You will feel secure while using PIVOT A type ladder and step ladder; our tester TUV SUD stated in their report that the additional deep treads give sublime foot support, even on uneven surfaces. Plus, no need to worry about the A type ladder wobbling as its steps have a non-marring rubber surface for extra stability.

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