Oman Region

Oman Region

Supplies top-quality scaffolding equipment to clients

After an excellent response from the Saudia ladder customer, PIVOT Point T has expanded its business to other gulf countries. We are functional in the Oman market, and our go-to ladder products are aluminium scaffolding, step ladder, and mobile scaffolding. Each market consumer has different expectations and demands for a product, which is why we have modified it to comply with business trends.

Aluminium Scaffolding and Mobile Scaffolding

Our primary products are aluminium scaffolding, and mobile scaffolding tested and certified by the TUV SUD. These aluminium scaffolding and mobile scaffolding can be used for a long span without rusting because the outer and inner surfaces are treated with electroplate galvanizing, which improves the corrosion resistance and prolongs the product life. Our aluminium scaffolding and mobile scaffolding offer extended reliability and resilience to handle heavy loads under various conditions. Our aluminium scaffolding and mobile scaffolding are environment-friendly and sustain all weather conditions. The box-shaped aluminium scaffolding and mobile scaffolding have a complete frame combination, with good balance to maintain friction. The reliable structure of the aluminium scaffolding and mobile scaffolding significantly reduces any chances of injury.

Mobile scaffolding is built with high-strength steel that increases load capacity and durability. You will see its real value if we compare our aluminium scaffolding and mobile scaffolding with local steel pipe fastener scaffolding. Our aluminium scaffolding is more economical, offer 50% better efficiency and saves a lot of labour because of the high duty rating. 

PIVOT aluminium scaffolding and mobile scaffolding come with a standard design making them convenient to transport. They are simple, easy to use, and exceptionally safe for high-altitude operations like scrappers and stadiums. Aluminium scaffolding and mobile scaffolding are extensively utilized in the construction of civil structures like factories, big stadiums, as well as convention and exhibition centres, billboards, shopping malls, subways, and shipbuilding.

Ladder and Step Ladder

Our other ladder product is a step ladder which was launched after extensive research on design and structural strength. If you are going to paint the edges of your room or install a rack on the wall, our ladder and step ladder will serve the purpose efficiently. The step ladder will keep you safe with an anti-slip step ladder design and dotted rubber grips. We currently have three types of the step ladder, i.e., A-frame, platform, and leaning. 

With our ladder and step ladder, you can perform multiple tasks like setting the bookshelf, cleaning the room fans, and changing the light bulb. We have added a lock-and-open system that makes it possible to open and close the ladder and step ladder sides. The metal safety buckle automatically locks the ladder position when in use. Additionally, the cross bracing on the step side stops the ladder and step ladder from wobbling. We have used a heavy-duty frame that makes our step ladder. 

As mentioned earlier, PIVOT has designed extra wide and large steps for you to balance yourself on these step ladder. A high resistive swivel caster is also attached to this ladder, which nullifies the chances of slippage. However, we recommend you check your floor before stepping on this ladder. If the floor is oily or has some grease on it, then we should clean the room. We have tested these products in the harsh conditions of the Arabian Peninsula so that they can resist any temperature and weather conditions. Comfortably use your ladder and a step ladder and scaffolding and in case of any issue, contact our customer representative, that will resolve your query instantly.

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