Fiber Glass (FRP) Single Side A-Type Ladder

Fiber Glass (FRP) Single Side A-Type Ladder

If you’re in search of a single-side A-Type ladder, then your search is over here because Fiber Glass (FRP) single-side straight ladder by Pivot is ideal for many reasons. It is strong, reliable, and, most of all, safe for you and your co-workers. If you have noticed, it is made of fiberglass. It means it is electrically insulated!


  • The platform guarantees tools from dropping while holding them handy while working, increasing productivity on the job. 
  • The tops can also hold tools and have a sturdy paint can hanger on the bottom. 
  • The external spreaders are pinch-proof, and the Traction-Tred measures are slip-resistant. 
  • This Step Ladder has a duty rating of 250lb and offers EDGE bracing for enhanced strength and increased protection against damage. 
  • The Fiberglass rails are nonconductive; ideal for working near electricity. 
  • The Fiberglass 8ft Step Ladder features a Holster Top with the Lock-In System that permits you to customize your ladder lid. 

We say Don’t worry about height. Why? Because you have a fiberglass single-side A-Type ladder that keeps you from falling.

If you want to touch the heights, you need a fiberglass single-side straight ladder!!!

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Safe Working Load: 130KG

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