Aluminum Double Section Heavy Duty Extendable Ladder

Aluminum Double Section Heavy Duty Extendable Ladder

A double-section extendable step ladder is made up of two parts; a ladder and another sliding ladder.


    • The heavy duty extendable ladder has large, square-shaped rungs to make it comfortable for the workers to work with. 
    • It also gives an anti-slip foot feature because of its square-shaped rungs. 
    • The biggest advantage of the extendable step ladder is that it can be extended or closed, making its size very small, making it travel-friendly as it can be stored and transported easily. 
    • This heavy duty extendable ladder has a load capacity of 10 kg and can be a heavy-duty stabilizer. 
    • It is a resourceful piece of machinery that can be used in a variety of construction jobs. 
    • The extendable step ladder can reach a wide range of heights, making it applicable for a long list of jobs like painting, roofing, guttering, etc. 
    • It can also be used for cleaning tall buildings. 
    • The extendable step ladder comes with a very rigid locking hook made of Aluminium, which makes the movement along the rope and pulley more comfortable.

These multi features make this heavy duty extendable ladder a best seller by PIVOT.

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Safe working load: 150KG

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