Aluminum Dual Purpose Ladder

Aluminum Dual Purpose Ladder

What is a dual purpose ladder? It is a type of ladder that is available to perform dual functions. Out of the box, the ladder is single or straight. Later, you can open it to expand and use it to perform multiple tasks.


  • This ladder is very convenient, and you can use it indoors. 
  • Similarly, you can easily open and use it to reach the highest point. 
  • It has more versatile and easy to make a stair and step ladder with back sections. 
  • A slide-up option is to raise and lengthen the slide to reach the roof or maintenance hole.

Pivot manufacturers make this dual purpose ladder with a variety of materials, including Aluminium and non-conductive fiberglass. There are several advantages of using an aluminium ladder. First, they are light, so you can carry them easily. Secondly, you can keep them outdoors without any fear of corrosion or rust. The most practical reason for using an aluminium dual purpose ladder is its durability and low initial cost, which attracts customers and companies alike. So, what are you waiting for? 

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Safe Working Load: 130KG

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