Aluminum Platform Ladder

Aluminum Platform Ladder

A foldable platform ladder is a self-supporting ladder that you cannot adjust to your liking. This ladder has a fixed length, and you can close it to save space.


  • The Aluminium Platform Ladder has a hinged design and will therefore stay in one place. 
  • You can also unfold it easily. 
  • By using a foldable platform ladder, you don’t need a helper for support as you can unfold it to adjust it. 
  • There is approximately 20 inches of railing at the top of the ladder for easy standing and performing various tasks. 
  • A foldable bucket shelf is also available with some configurations of platform ladders.
  • The total length of these stairs ranges from 3 feet to 10 feet.

In short, having an aluminum platform ladder is more beneficial as compared to an ordinary ladder. These stairs are easier to carry and durable. Water or other corrosive materials cannot attack this ladder.

This foldable platform ladder is capable of holding a lot of weight. The weight of the user does not affect the structure and life of the foldable platform ladder.

So, what are you waiting for? The aluminum platform ladder by Pivot is the best investment!

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