Single Width Aluminum Scaffold Tower

Single Width Aluminum Scaffold Tower

Single-width scaffolding towers are utilized in situations where minimal space is available to work with.


  • They are very simple and easy-to-use machines. 
  • They have a load-bearing capacity of about 225 kg per platform. 
  • They are very durable, rigid and corrosion resistant. 
  • They are maintenance free and give less hassle to their clients. 
  • To make them more safe, stable and secure, stable guard rails are provided with them.
  • The caster has a dual braking system, making it safer to use in the event of a primary braking system failure. 
  • They are made of Aluminium, so they have very light weight and can be very easily assembled and dismantled, making it easier for the workers to use them. 
  • Despite their small size, multi-level work can be performed utilizing them.
  • Mobile aluminium towers are very versatile in their purpose, providing many advantages to their users, such as a spacious working area, giving them more room to move and work. 
  • Not only that, they can be greatly useful in situations where workers need to change their positions frequently, like painting etc. 
  • Despite being mobile, they are very safe and convenient to use.
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Technical Data (Dimensions in meter)

Safe working load: 250kg each platform, Total 750kg including tower weight




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