Podium Aluminum Steps

Podium Aluminum Steps / Podium Scaffold Tower

Podium scaffold towers or podium aluminium steps are very much in demand these days by the customers. They are safer alternatives to ladders when there is a need to access work at height. The following features make them a great choice to increase production efficiency and effectiveness:


  • They are very stable in structure and secure as they come with guard rails to ensure the safety of the user, making them much more comfortable and content with the use of podium aluminium steps.
  • There are two types of step scaffolding: one podium scaffold tower with a single platform height and the other podium scaffold tower with an adjustable platform height. The height range can be as low as 250mm to as high as 2000mm.
  • They are designed to function in both internal and external environments.
  • They also come in foldable forms, making their transport very easy.
  • They are very easy to join and assemble and work with, making it a worthwhile experience for the customers.
  • They can be used during a lot of construction work like painting, decorating, plasterwork, ventilation, piping, alarm installation etc.

If you wish to optimize your work experience, order the Podium scaffold tower by Pivot right away!

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